04:00AM EST - Hello everybody, today we're on location for Qualcomm's MWC keynote event.

04:00AM EST - We're expecting talks about 5G and new WiFi solutions.

04:00AM EST - Introductory video about 5G connectivity.

04:01AM EST - Cristiano Amon taking the stage.

04:03AM EST - "The invention age" - introducing new breakthrough technologies

04:03AM EST - Making parallels to past industrial revolutions.

04:04AM EST - 5G will bring a period of accelerated innovation

04:04AM EST - "It was very clear that mobile broadband require you to have a computer in your hands"

04:05AM EST - "First company to have a 1GHz processor in your hands"

04:05AM EST - Talking about the initial 4G deployments and how Qualcomm foresaw the needs.

04:05AM EST - AI Processing is the fastest growing silicon era.

04:06AM EST - Transition from the cloud to the edge is a transformative era.

04:06AM EST - 5G is here now - Yesterday for example we saw a live 5G call between Xiaomi and Spain's Orange network operator.

04:07AM EST - Deployment is beginning around the world. - 4G was launched in 2009, 10 years ago.

04:07AM EST - Starting with mobile phones, but the potential is far beyond smartphones.

04:07AM EST - Going back to 2009 in the first year of the 4G launch. Verizon was the first.

04:08AM EST - Four operators and 3 OEMs back then.

04:08AM EST - Today over 20 operators building networks and 20+ OEMs having ready devices in the pipeline.

04:08AM EST - "It's very clear to Qualcomm that the 5G transition will be faster than 4G"

04:09AM EST - Noting last week's Samsung's 5G launch. Also mentioning Oppo, Sony and Xiaomi's 5G product launches.

04:09AM EST - Global deployments in the US, Europe, China, Korea sub-6GHz and mmWave.

04:10AM EST - Vodaphone GTO Johan Wibergh taking the stage talking about their 5G deployment.

04:12AM EST - "10 times the performance of 4G"

04:12AM EST - 4 countries in Europe that are currently pioneering the deployment.

04:12AM EST - 4 countries in Europe that are currently pioneering the deployment.

04:12AM EST - Bringing it to customers in Europe in the second half of 2019.

04:13AM EST - "Easy process" in upgrading base-stations, just adding a new radio and in some cases replacing the BS node.

04:14AM EST - "4G was the era of the smartphone" - 5G will start with mobiles, but will be the era of IoT

04:14AM EST - Back to Cristiano.

04:15AM EST - "The year of the 855 Snapdragon"

04:16AM EST - 30+ design wins for the 855

04:16AM EST - The right chipset exceeding all mobile benchmarks, connectivity and gaming with leading AI capability.

04:17AM EST - Recapping the chip's new AI capabilities such as the new HVX and and new Tensor cores.

04:17AM EST - First devices available in Q2

04:17AM EST - "We see all regions in the world launching at the same time"

04:18AM EST - This is brought by a mature market - with a clear understanding of smartphones.

04:19AM EST - 5G devices are going to inefficient and power hungry - Introducing new 5G PowerSave feature?

04:19AM EST - This might be a branding name for Qualcomm's new RF power efficiency features.

04:20AM EST - CDRX combined with a set of new technologies

04:20AM EST - (CDRX is a normal 3GPP standard feature)

04:20AM EST - "Putting to rest industry's concern about battery life"

04:21AM EST - Switching over to 5G new usecases and improvements

04:21AM EST - 3x improvement in latency for sub-6GHz and up to 20x in mmWave

04:21AM EST - 3x to 10x improvement in throughput (sub-6 and mmWave)

04:22AM EST - Video streaming will be as easy as streaming music

04:23AM EST - Google VP of marketing Bob Borchers joining the stage.

04:25AM EST - Talking about how Android is the foundation enabling the ecosystem.

04:28AM EST - Covering how everybody was wrong about the first 5G smartphones

04:29AM EST - Proving them wrong via the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G that was released just a few days ago

04:30AM EST - Recapping last week's product announcements such as the new 5G X55 modem

04:32AM EST - Read about the announcements in our news piece: https://www.anandtech.com/show/13966/qualcomm-announces-x55-modem

04:32AM EST - The X55 devices are expected to ship late 2019.

04:33AM EST - Announcing a new Snapdragon platform with integrated 5G modem

04:33AM EST - Essentially announcing next year's Snapdragon SoC.

04:34AM EST - The timing of the sampling should be relatively in line, maybe a quarter earlier, than last few generation SoCs.

04:35AM EST - Samsung's SVP & head of technology strategy tem, Dr June Hee Lee taking the stage

04:36AM EST - Congratulating Qualcomm on their introduction of 5G, and will be providing products with the chips in the near future.

04:37AM EST - "Samsung has at the forefront of bringing 5G from concept to product"

04:37AM EST - Samsung has been a leader for several years now in regards to mmWave implementation

04:38AM EST - Galaxy S10 5G running on a 5G networks unlocks new possibilities

04:40AM EST - "5G changes everything because of its latency and density"

04:43AM EST - Now switching over to 5G deployments

04:45AM EST - WiFi 6 announcements from Qualcomm

04:46AM EST - Small cells will be playing a much bigger role

04:46AM EST - Rakuten 5G network deployment will be accelerated through small-cells

04:46AM EST - Using the Qualcomm FSM platforms

04:47AM EST - Fueling fixed wireless broadband

04:48AM EST - Announcing ability to support CPE deployments with Qualcomm's chips

04:48AM EST - Smartphone 20dBm maximum power - CPE have up to 40dBm

04:49AM EST - An ability of the X55 chipset.

04:49AM EST - New QCA6390 Wifi 6 (802.11ax) chipset

04:50AM EST - Read all about it in detail in our news post : https://www.anandtech.com/show/13993/qualcomm-launches-the-qca6390-chipset-18-gbps-wifi-6-ready-with-bluetooth-51

04:52AM EST - Working hard to bring Release 16 to market - expanding the 5G standard features

04:53AM EST - Next year's press conference will be covering the new industry evolutions

04:53AM EST - The new Snapdragon 8CX with the X55 modem bring a full 5G connected PC.

04:54AM EST - Lenovo is building a 5G PC with the Snapdragon 8CX

04:55AM EST - Rene Haas from Arm taking the stage

04:55AM EST - Been working with Qualcomm and Microsoft for some time to bring the Arm PC to market

04:59AM EST - Talking about Microsoft's Hololens: https://www.anandtech.com/show/14020/microsoft-at-mwc-2019-hololens-2-and-azure-kinect

04:59AM EST - Thanking Microsoft's use of the Snapdragon 850.

05:00AM EST - Swiching to automotive - It's mobile, but different

05:01AM EST - Announcing the next generation car platform with 5G.

05:03AM EST - "The next big opportunity is 5G IoT

05:04AM EST - Many sensors creating mission critical data

05:04AM EST - Qualcomm robotics R2B platform

05:05AM EST - Bosch IoT director Andreas Mueller taking the stage

05:05AM EST - Transitioning the factory from the past to the factory of the future

05:09AM EST - Bosch's key aspects for industrial IoT applications

05:09AM EST - Private networks and frequencies, low-latency communication, quality of service, time-sensitive networking and positioning

05:10AM EST - Industrial IoT can be the killer application for 5G

05:10AM EST - Smartphones are a saturated market, industry is different

05:11AM EST - A factory and group of factories can be a network

05:11AM EST - Huge market potential worth billions of dollars

05:13AM EST - That's it for Bosch

05:14AM EST - Cristiano reiterating that it's going to be a much faster transition

05:14AM EST - "The best years of Qualcomm are ahead of us"

05:15AM EST - "It's not just about the phones at MWC - it's about doing everything in parallel"

05:16AM EST - That's a wrap, thank you all for being with us.

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  • yeeeeman - Monday, February 25, 2019 - link

    They are starting to get boring with this 5g thing. 5g will need tons of towers to just work. It will bring with it a lot of harmful radiation on the mm waves. There isn't something that 4g cannot do today and 5g can, and also the speeds are not that high. The heavy lifting will be done by sub 6ghz bands anyway and since mmwaves are so dangerous to our health, I hope they won't gain traction
  • tuxRoller - Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - link

    Did you mistakenly include that "y"?
  • jordanclock - Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - link

    Got any sources for how mmwaves are dangerous?
  • Rpbom - Monday, February 25, 2019 - link

    I am from India eagerly waiting for 7.1 plus nokia lunch in India
    Please release urgently
  • movax2 - Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - link

    Who cares?
  • jordanclock - Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - link

    Uhhh... India?
  • carlmaurer - Friday, March 1, 2019 - link

    Very much excited to see the 5G speed. I liked the article though it was long but very informative and gained a lot from it. https://imessageforpc.org/
  • Thanos1234 - Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - link

    thanks for the post
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