02:28PM EST - We're here at ASUS' Press Event, Zennovation

02:28PM EST - Expect to see Jonney Shih on stage

02:29PM EST - Last year, ASUS didn't have a CES event because everything was being launched after Computex

02:29PM EST - But given the recent launch of Kaby Lake, I suspect we'll see some KBL enabled systems

02:30PM EST - Ian on text, Ryan on photos. TeAm AnandTech in the house

02:33PM EST - We're starting

02:33PM EST - 'ASUS is changing the mobile industry'

02:33PM EST - 'AN event to go above and beyond expectations'

02:34PM EST - playing the intro video

02:34PM EST - very movie-esque

02:35PM EST - Jonney Shih to the stage

02:35PM EST - Jonney is always a character on stage

02:36PM EST - '2016 was an incredible year for ASUS - the success of our Zenbook 3 enabled us to embark on a journey that dares for more'

02:36PM EST - Demo video

02:38PM EST - Looks like a smartphone in the video

02:38PM EST - 'stay forever young'

02:39PM EST - Announcing the Zenfone 3 Zoom

02:39PM EST - built for photography

02:39PM EST - Uses Qualcomm Snapdragon

02:39PM EST - 2x12MP, 1x13MP

02:39PM EST - 2.3x optical zoom, 59mm focal on first 12MP

02:40PM EST - 12MP main camera, Sony IMX362

02:40PM EST - 13MP front camera, f/2.0

02:40PM EST - '59mm focal length is golden ratio for perfect portrait'

02:41PM EST - Main camera (Sony IMX362) f/1.7 and uses SuperPixel

02:41PM EST - 'more light capture and longer exposure time'

02:42PM EST - 'Our technology thrives on making a dramatic difference in image quality'

02:42PM EST - SuperPixel: 2.5x light sensitivity, 10x to industry standard

02:43PM EST - SuperPixel Engine: Multi-frame, multi-stage noise reduction algorithm

02:43PM EST - ASUS TriTech+ 0.03s auto-focus

02:43PM EST - 2nd Gen Laser AF, Subject tracking AF, Dual Pixel PDAF

02:43PM EST - 100% pixels for phase detection auto focus

02:44PM EST - traditional phone uses only 5% of pixels

02:45PM EST - Front Camera: Sony IMX213, f/2.0, SuperPixel, 13MP Wide Angle, 2x light sensitivity

02:45PM EST - Professional manual mode, RAW support, Manual Lens Selection

02:45PM EST - 59mm or 25mm lens selection

02:45PM EST - Pro Mode allows selection for shutter speed, EV, ISO, White Balance

02:46PM EST - Snapdragon 625, 5000mAh batery

02:46PM EST - 6.4hr 4K UHD recording, 32day standby, 8.5hr social media livestreaming

02:46PM EST - 5000mAh is quite good

02:47PM EST - I'm all for that

02:47PM EST - 5.5-inch, 7.99mm at slimmest edge, 170g

02:47PM EST - Gorilla Glass 5, 500 nits, AMOLED

02:48PM EST - Rose Gold, Glacier Silver, Navy Black

02:48PM EST - 4-axis OIS, 3-axis EIS

02:48PM EST - so, price? DRAM/Storage? UFS or eMMC

02:49PM EST - Available February

02:49PM EST - Next product

02:49PM EST - focus on creators

02:50PM EST - Zenfone AR

02:50PM EST - Tango-enabled and Daydream ready

02:50PM EST - Built for Augmented Reality

02:50PM EST - TriCam system

02:51PM EST - 23MP Motion tracking and depth sensing

02:51PM EST - Motion Tracking, Area Learning, Depth Perception

02:51PM EST - Mobile Augmented Reality

02:52PM EST - From online shopping, to home improvement projects

02:52PM EST - 'Games that go beyond the screen'

02:52PM EST - I assume this eats battery like no tomorrow

02:52PM EST - WQHD 2560x1440, 5.7-inch SuperAMOLED, 79% screen to Body Ratio

02:54PM EST - Exclusive ZenUI VR 360

02:54PM EST - Create, view and share 360 content without 3rd party apps

02:54PM EST - Erik Hermanson on stage, Head of Content and Brand Marketing

02:55PM EST - 'This is the next wave in tech that will get consumers excited in smartphones'

02:55PM EST - 'Consumers are also looking for a good app ecosystem'

02:55PM EST - Previewing some of the apps on Zenfone

02:56PM EST - Johnny Lee, Director of Engineering for Tango on stage too

02:56PM EST - 'We think smartphones can do much more'

02:57PM EST - '35+ Tango enabled apps coming out in the next few months'

02:58PM EST - Jeff Kirwan, Global President of Gap on stage

02:58PM EST - stage is getting crowded

02:59PM EST - Discussing GAP's key mantras

03:00PM EST - 'Our product has to fit you just perfect, and we have to provide a rich customer experience that is effortless and inspirational'

03:00PM EST - 'A dramatic shift in retail'

03:01PM EST - 'We have to be there whenever a customer needs us, wherever they are'

03:01PM EST - 'Allowing a customer to see if the product fits on a body shape'

03:02PM EST - Dressing Room from GAP

03:04PM EST - Moving 2D images on the app to the display to load a 3D manniquin with a selected body type

03:04PM EST - Can look at the garment from full 360-degree

03:04PM EST - Switching between X and XL to see the garment length and fit

03:05PM EST - Womens clothing, to see how the clothing looks with folds and creases

03:05PM EST - Takes GAPs CAD images for clothing and does physics simulations to see how clothing will look

03:06PM EST - 'Ensures the customer buys the product they really want'

03:07PM EST - Ability to compare multiple sizes at once

03:08PM EST - Now demoing a Hot Wheels game

03:09PM EST - The app allows to have a virtual playset, and a set of challenges to get a car to the start to finish

03:10PM EST - More intuitive than just a controller

03:12PM EST - Hot Wheels app already in the play store

03:13PM EST - Dedicated inertial motion unit

03:13PM EST - 2.5ms detection

03:15PM EST - Jonney Shih back on stage

03:16PM EST - Zenfone AR with Snapdragon 821, 8GB DRAM, Vapor cooling system (so a heatpipe)

03:16PM EST - Cristiano Amon, EVP of Qualcomm Technologies on stage

03:17PM EST - 'Zenfone AR is first Tango-enabled S821, ZF3 Zoom is first dual-camera S625'

03:17PM EST - 'ASUS is Qualcomm for all their smartphones'

03:19PM EST - 'We believe S821 is a perfect fit for Tango'

03:20PM EST - 'no need for external coprocessors'

03:20PM EST - Always-on sensor core

03:22PM EST - Android 7, obviously

03:22PM EST - Zenfone AR Available in Q2

03:23PM EST - Stage photo

03:24PM EST - That's a wrap!

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  • SaolDan - Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - link

  • SeleniumGlow - Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - link

    Zenfone 3 Zoom looks like a neat phone. More newer phones should pack in 5000 mAh. Also, gorilla glass 5 is good.
  • anubis44 - Thursday, January 5, 2017 - link

    I REALLY think Asus needed to pick another name for their phone. AMD's Zen CPU is far too famous now NOT to be confused with this.
  • nimi - Thursday, January 5, 2017 - link

    Really? ASUS has been using the "zen" moniker for years, ranging from ZenBooks (2011) to ZenPhones, and now suddenly they ought to change it because AMD has a project codenamed "Zen"? Oblivious to the fact that AMD has already announced the final name would actually be "Ryzen"? REALLY?
  • CajunArson - Thursday, January 5, 2017 - link

    Asus has made more money just on "Zen" branded products since they debuted in 2012 than AMD has made this century. AMD should have known that Asus's existing successful brands were already out on the market and named their own products accordingly, not the other way around.
  • Mikuni - Thursday, January 5, 2017 - link

    Zennovation huh, how about some Supportnovation? their supports sucks beyond suck.
  • csjoshi - Monday, January 23, 2017 - link

  • ronitbasu678 - Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - link

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