As previewed at CES, Kingston's newest entry-level consumer NVMe SSD is now shipping. The new NV1 uses a similar strategy to Kingston's entry-level SATA drives like the A400, where Kingston is not guaranteeing a specific set of internal components and expects to mix controllers and NAND to hit the cheapest price points. That results in very conservative performance and endurance specifications: sequential transfers around 2GB/s and endurance ratings around 0.2 DWPD for three years. Kingston NV1 SSD Specifications Capacity 500 GB 1 TB 2 TB Form Factor M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0 x4 Sequential Read (MB/s) 2100 Sequential Write (MB/s) 1700 Warranty 3 years Write Endurance 120 TB 0.2 DWPD 240 TB 0.2 DWPD 480 TB 0.2 DWPD Launch Price (Direct from Kingston) $63.70 (13¢/GB) $115.70 (12¢/GB) $224.90 (11¢/GB) Retail Price (CDW) $59.99 (12¢/GB) $107.99 (11¢/GB) $208.99 (10¢/GB) The Kingston NV1 uses DRAMless SSD controllers like the Phison E13T and Silicon Motion SM2263XT, which are both getting a bit old but...

The Samsung SSD 980 (500GB & 1TB) Review: Samsung's Entry NVMe

Samsung's new SSD 980, with no PRO, EVO or QVO suffix, is the company's first entry-level NVMe SSD. We've got two of the capacities in for review.

54 by Billy Tallis on 3/9/2021

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