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Our review HP EliteBook 8740w leverages an Intel Core i7-820QM processor and a nigh obscene 16GB of DDR3, but keeps the storage conservative with the Western Digital Scorpio Black. In what may seem like an unfair fight, we've also included scores from some of our desktop review units to give you a feel for the kind of trade-off you're making in spending up for the mobile form factor.

What we find is a bit troubling: the 8740w seems to come in consistently behind in every test but Cinebench. That said, AVADirect is fond of sending us Clevo units equipped with SSDs, and we think there's a good chance that's what's making up the difference here: the Scorpio Black mechanical drive in the EliteBook just can't pick up the slack. With all that said, these numbers aren't bad by any stretch of the imagination and are still miles ahead of competing consumer notebooks.

Since this is a workstation and bred for workstation-based tasks, we also did a quick run with SPECviewperf 11.

A visit to the results page of SPEC's site reveals a healthy lead over the previous generation mobile workstation parts but still a far cry from desktop workstation kit.

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  • DanaG - Friday, December 10, 2010 - link

    ...I'd probably get it with the FirePro M7820. It's based on Mobility 58xx, and can do 5 displays if you have the fanciest dock -- 3 displays with laptop alone. And it's cheaper than the Fermi card!

    Laptop has: Internal, DisplayPort, VGA.
    Fanciest dock has: 2 DL-DVI, 2 DisplayPort.

    You can choose any 5 displays, but a maximum of two may be "legacy" (DVI or VGA, not sure about internal).

    What was the color depth on that DreamColor display? I know the desktop DreamColor is a 30-bit display. Do any of your LCD tests show off the difference between six- and eight-bit-per-component displays (18 and 24 bits total, respectively)?

    Plus, if my 8530w is any indication, you can install (without any hacking!) the generic Mobile Catalyst Drivers -- it shows up as Radeon in device manager, but the GL renderer name "Compatibility Profile Context FireGL".
  • nsiboro - Thursday, December 16, 2010 - link

    FYI, future/current owners can get some peer support (and get acquinted with PROBLEMS of this "mobile workstation") at

    Additionally if you intend to get one with the FirePro M7820, know that OpenCL driver is NOT available yet.

    Yes, I own it (M7820, 2x SSD, 16GB) - and the experience is *frustrating*. YMMV.

  • shenma - Thursday, May 24, 2012 - link Êtes-vous intéressé à batterie/chargeur/Adaptateur hp elitebook 8740w, Li-ion, acheter le remplacement ou nouveau? Si oui, la batterie hp elitebook 8740w est prêt pour vous. Meilleure qualité, 1 an garantie, Tout modèle en stock, envoi rapide.

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